November 5, 2018

SharePoint Communications Intranet

Plan, designed, and developed a fully functional internet portal for a company spanning around the world with SharePoint Communication Sites.


A year prior to this project, I helped this customer migrate its basic designed SharePoint sites to a more user friendly and professional look and feel platform. At the time SharePoint Communication sites were just launched and many of its capabilities were limited. Knowing this, we ended up going with a well know 3rd party custom intranet design company called BindTuning. They provide many different templates and skins you can apply to a SharePoint site to not make it soo SharePointish.

This is what they ended up with at the end of the initial intranet build...


Fast forwarding another year their contract with BindTuning was coming to an end and the customer asked me if they should continue with the $3,000 BindTuning contract or was there a better, more affordable route they could go. In short I mentioned SharePoint Communication sites. Long story short, we had 10 days before the contract expired and many of the custom BindTuning connectors would error out causing the page to error.

After a quick meeting to gather the specific requirements we ended up building, reviewing, testing, and launching the new site in 8 days! Here's what the finished product looked like...