Business Solution
November 8, 2018

Document Imaging Solution using SharePoint and Flow

Using SharePoint Online and Flow this project was focused on building a solution for the Business units that saved thousands per year in third party solutions.


For a number of years the Operations department scanned in number of files using pricey third-party vendors. Mid year they started to think of potential solutions to the expiring contacts on these third-party solutions.


The solution needed to be one that allowed the users to easily scan in files and additionally provided the admins a way to quickly find files with a few clicks. Here's how I did it :)


The overall design of the project would look like this...

1. User selects a folder on the scanner where to scan too

2. The file would be scanned into the file share selected folder

3. Microsoft flow would run, picking up the file and copying it to the correct SharePoint folder which auto tagged the "Batch Type" field

4.Flow would then delete the scanned file in the file share once the filed was copied to the SharePoint library.

In order to connect Flow to a file share, I was required to create a gateway and than connect that to flow using a data source.

The gateway was installed on the file server and allowed Office 365 to connect to the local data resulting in the files being copied from the file share to SharePoint.

Although this project wasn't a terribly difficult build, its still satisfying to know that its beneficial to the company from a financial savings and ease of use perspective. :)