December 10, 2016

Logical Access Portal

Working for a financial organization, over a series of phases I created a process that allowed auditors to view requested product access requests easily.

In 2016 on of my major projects was to build a process that would allow Information Security to view all access requests in one view. To accomplish this I had to considered 3 objectives...

1. create a process that made it easy for users to quickly submit a request
2. create a process that made it simple for managers to approve/reject
3. create a process that made it easy for the admins to work with the data on the back-end

What I came up with was the following...

A user would go to the request page to select a form

They would then select a form and fill it out (the design of the form was built using InfoPath Designer 2013. Conditional formatting along with some auto population was added to make the form user friendly. Based on a product chosen, a series of fields would display. Also when a user entered their name it would auto pull in their email and job title using the SharePoint User Profile Service.)

The request would then be added in a SharePoint list on the back-end where the admins could easily view the status of the approval etc.

Additionally when the form was submitted an email would be sent to the manager of the user that needing access with information on the request. Right from within Outlook the manager could approval/reject the request.